Precious Metals Thinking Putty: Features the color and shimmer of metals

Precious Metals Thinking Putty

Pliable putty with the color and shimmer of precious metals.

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Societies across the world have prized precious metals for their beauty since the dawn of civilization.

Now, Precious Metals Thinking Putty lets you interact with gold, platinum, and copper like never before. Each art-deco styled tin contains stretchable, squeezable, tearable and bounceable putties that capture the likeness of a precious metal.

These putties aren’t dull yellow, gray, and brown; each style has the glittering luster of either gold, platinum, or copper. They may not actually contain any precious metals, but they sure look like they do!

Each of the three styles of putties are made by hand in the USA by Crazy Aaron.

Features & specs

  • Each canister contains 1.6 oz (45.3 g) of putty
  • Comes in three shimmering styles (gold, platinum, and copper)
  • Stretch it, tear it, and bounce it
  • Made in USA by Crazy Aaron

Moldable Metal

If you were to handle real molten copper, gold, or platinum, it’d be so hot that you’d burn your hands. Precious Metals Putty lets you play with shimmery stuff that looks like a million bucks at room temperature.

Putty that looks like metal!
Ooh, shiny!

Pliable Putty

If you actually had a chunk of platinum, gold, or copper, what would you do with it? It turns out that the properties that make precious metals so durable also make them heavy and hard—and not very fun to play with. So instead, maybe you’d use them to buy a bunch of putty!

Bounce, stretch, tear, and knead this shiny stuff to your heart’s content.

Bounce, stretch, and tear!
More fun than Scrooge McDuck’s gold coin swimming pool!

A Treasure Trove of Styles

It’s time to open your vault and add three more unique tins to the collection. The Precious Metals line includes three lustrous colors: Good as Gold, Pure Platinum, and Copper Crush. Each style of putty shimmers as it catches the light and your attention.

Precious Metals Putty comes in platinum, copper, and gold styles.
Worth their weight in putty.

Question: Do they actually contain precious metals?

Answer: No, if they were made with real precious metals, they wouldn’t be flexible and they’d be too expensive.

Question: Does it have that weird metallic smell that lingers on your hands like real metal?

Answer: We’re happy to report that Precious Metals Putties don’t leave a foul smell!

Question: Is it magnetically attracted, glow in the dark, heat-sensitive or UV sensitive?

Answer: No, the cool thing about Precious Metals putties is that their shimmery appearance looks like expensive and shiny metal. And it's ridiculously addictive to play with. So buy, buy, buy!

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