Sticky the Poo: Sticky, moldable toy that looks like 💩.
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Sticky the Poo

Sticky, moldable toy that looks like 💩.

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Sticky the Poo is a steaming pile of playfulness. This squishable toy has a moldable core that’s ideal for squeezing and a sticky surface that’s fun for throwing.

Channel your inner chimpanzee and fling the pretend poo as hard as you can. It hits the wall with a splat and sticks impressively to any flat surface. Or keep it at your desk and squeeze the rubbery plaything like a stress ball to make its cartoony eyes bulge. Like the emoji it's modeled after, Sticky the Poo is fun no matter how you use it.

Features & specs

  • Super-soft plaything that sticks to any flat surface
  • Sticky exterior with moldable material inside
  • Residue-free
  • Rinse with water to restore stickiness when dirty
  • Made for indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes in one of three pupil styles (randomly chosen)
  • Ages 3+

A crap ton of fun

Sticky the Poo is a unique toy that’s made to be squeezed, thrown, and laughed at. The rubbery plaything feels like a stress ball in your hand and sticks to the wall like wet toilet paper.

The shape is modeled after the popular emoji because, according to our extensive research, poop is funny. The subtle ridging in the body gives the appearance of a swirled pile of stink while the slight smile and cartoon eyes give the poo a goofy personality.

A fun AND funny toy.

Reuse repeatedly

Unlike its namesake, Sticky the Poo is easy to clean. Although its tacky exterior is a magnet for dirt and lint, it only takes a quick rinse with water to reclaim its original sticky glory.

The toy’s shape is also made to take a playful beating. Squeeze the lumpy shape as hard as you want, stretching and compacting it to your heart’s content. No matter what you put it through, the pliable poo will always return to its lovely fecal form.

Hand squeezing sticky the poo.
Tossing Sticky the Poo
Squish it, throw it, and watch it stick
You’ll be flush with fun.

Sticky, not stinky

Sticky the Poo isn’t just for porcelain; the sticky exterior will adhere to any flat surface in your house from the window to the wall. It’s fun to throw the soft projectile as hard as you can without worrying about breaking a pane of glass or putting a hole in the drywall.

Despite its prodigious stickiness, the toy doesn’t leave a residue on the surfaces it hits. That means there’s no reason not to hurl your Sticky the Poo against everything you can find.

No sticky residue
Throw your Poo to your heart’s content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this like Stikball?

Answer: You got it! Sticky the Poo is like Stikball that looks like poo instead of a baseball.

Question: Is this like one of those sticky hands from a gumball machine that gets dirty within ten minutes and doesn’t work anymore?

Answer: Part of what makes Sticky the Poo curiously awesome is its ability to get refreshed with just a little water. After a quick wash, you’ll be able to stick to things like new.

Question: Do you have any poo that I can cuddle with?

Answer: What an odd question! But, of course, we do.

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