T.A.P.E.S!: A game of guessing lengths with weird measuring tapes.
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T.A.P.E.S! Guessing Game

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A game of guessing lengths with weird measuring tapes.

Vat19 Plays Tapes!
Vat19 has Measuring Super Powers
Gummy Bears Vs. Cheeks
  • T.A.P.E.S!
  • Video: Vat19 Plays Tapes!
  • Video: Vat19 has Measuring Super Powers
  • Video: Gummy Bears Vs. Cheeks
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What is the height of your TV in hamsters? How wide is your coffee table in gummy bears? Take your best guess in T.A.P.E.S! (the ultimate Turn-based Approximate Proportion Estimation Showdown!)

Instead of just a banana for scale, T.A.P.E.S! includes sixteen wacky ways to measure the stuff in your line of sight (including bananas, of course). Four double-sided, double-printed tape measures include units for honey bees, chicken eggs, pizza, weiner dogs, and more!

Grab a friend and pick out an object around you. Determine whether you're going to measure its height, width, depth, or circumference, and then spin the randomizing wheel to choose the units you're going to use to measure it. Everyone takes their best guess, and the person with the closest estimate gets the most points. You're sure to have weiner dogs and weiner dogs of fun with T.A.P.E.S!

Features & specs

  • A guessing game of measuring with unusual units
  • Includes: 4 double-sided tape measures, a storage box with an integrated spinner, a scorepad, a scrap paper pad, 2 golf pencils, and a rule book
  • 16 bizarre units of measure: apples, bananas, basketballs, burgers, centimeters, chicken eggs, gummy bears, hamsters, honey bees, inches, pizza, playing cards, quarters, soda cans, squirrels, and weiner dogs
  • For 2-4 players
  • 15 minute play-time
  • Recommended for ages 6+

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