Wonder Stix: Write-anywhere pastels in a rainbow of colors.
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Wonder Stix (24-pack)

A colorful set of soft pastels that can write on any surface!

Wonder Stix
Mark your world in a whole spectrum of hues.
Can they REALLY draw on anything?
Not pictured: paper, glass, and everything else.
  • Wonder Stix
  • Mark your world in a whole spectrum of hues.
  • Video: Can they REALLY draw on anything?
  • Video: Not pictured: paper, glass, and everything else.
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You’ve undoubtedly heard the term "magic marker" before, but the makers of those colorful styluses might have to take that name back because they've got nothing on Wonder Stix.

This 24-pack of coloring pastels can write on just about any solid surface there is, and, as long as it's non-porous, it can be erased as well.

Wonder Stix are intelligently designed to drop lines of bright color without dust or odor, and they never dry out, even without caps. Pick up a full set of hues and create art to your heart's content!

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Features & specs

  • Colorful writing utensils with amazing properties
  • Writes on multiple surfaces: whiteboards, chalkboards, paper, wood, cardboard, glass and windows
  • A rainbow set of 24 different pastel shades
  • Washable from all non-porous surfaces
  • Dust-free, odor-free, capless
  • Twist the back to extend the tip
  • Warning: choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years.

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Wonderful writer

Words and pictures can take your mind anywhere you can imagine, and with Wonder Stix, you can write and draw anywhere you can imagine too. These powerful pastels can mark just about any surface in the world (or off it, if you can get there). Here's a list of just a few things Wonder Stix will leave a colorful mark on:

  1. An artist's canvas
  2. A party cup
  3. An aquarium
  4. A storage tub
  5. A potato

While you can leave a mark on these objects, the remarkable thing is that Wonder Stix will also mark on literally just about anything else. Really. Grab a dictionary. Mark on it. Then turn to any page, pick a physical noun, and chances are, if it's solid, Wonder Stix can decorate it.

Not pictured: paper, glass, and everything else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Anywhere? Can they write on hope?

Answer: Wonder Stix work best on physical objects rather than abstract concepts.

Question: Are they erasable?

Answer: Wonder Stix are erasable on non-porous surfaces, but they might be unerasable if the surface you're writing on is porous.

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