World's Smallest Power Rangers: Mini Morphin' Power Rangers!
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World's Smallest Power Rangers

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Mini Morphin' Power Rangers!

World's Smallest Power Rangers
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Your favorite '90s heroes are back, and this time they've morphed into a micro version of themselves. You can collect all six Rangers in their original suit styles and colors and the mini blister card (depicting each of your favorite Rangers) included in each pack!

Pretend to be the giant floating head of their leader Zordon; put them on your shelf next to your Zord models; or put them in your pocket and get micro-morphin' anywhere you go!

Because we receive this item in an assortment of colors, we must sell them randomly. You'll receive Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, or Green Ranger.

Features & specs

  • Micro Power Rangers action figures
  • Includes: one figure, one stand, and one mini blister card
  • Three points of articulation
  • Height: 1.25” (3.18 cm)
  • Ages 6+
  • Assorted between the six different Mighty Morphers: Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger
  • Your Ranger will be selected at random

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