USB Cannon - Circus Style - Shoots 10 feet!
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USB Cannon - Circus Style - Shoots 10 feet!

Computer controlled cannon shoots up to 10 feet.

USB Cannon
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USB Cannon image
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Honestly, we're geeking out so much about this product, we can hardly sit still to write a description. OK, so you plug the USB Cannon into your computer and then using your arrow keys and space bar, you can aim and fire at anything within 10 feet of your PC. It has pretty cool sound effects and shoots with authority.

Not only is the USB Cannon a ton of fun to play with, but you will cause such envy in your friends that they may try to destroy your cannon. Soldier, defend your position. Fire!

Features & specs

  • USB powered (no external power source needed)
  • PC software included. Mac software available.
  • Includes 3 foam missiles
  • Shoots 10-15 feet
  • 45 degree tilt; 360 degree pan
  • Size: Barrel is 6.5" long; Base has 3.5" diameter

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USB Cannon tilts, rotates, and fires at your command!

USB Soldiers, Atten-hut! Your most important battle is upon thee.

USB Cannon / USB Canon tilts, rotates, and fires.

Watch our admittedly cheesy USB-Cannon-Can-Kill Video.

Let's get something real clear from the get-go. The USB Cannon is probably one of the coolest USB gadgets we've seen in a long time. However, that doesn't mean we still don't have mad love for our USB Christmas Tree, USB Coffee Warmer, and USB Lava Lamp (shameless promo, we know, we know).

Fire for effect!

USB cannon tilts and rotatesYour USB Cannon is a self-propelled, desk-mounted artillery battery with two axes of movement. (Cool, huh?)

Simply use the arrow keys on your PC to track down that bogey, line it up in your sights, and then smack your spacebar to unleash a punishing barage!

The USB Cannon has a range of approximately 10 feet. Your ordnances (that's "grunt-speak" for missiles) truly come flying out of this thing.

Your Ordnances are Sexy and Lethal (not really lethal)

USB Cannon shoots busty babe ordinancesEach USB Cannon comes with three foam shells. So, load up your USB cannon and send your "busty babes" to do your dirty work for you. If you want extra ammo, you can purchase 3-packs of spare Busty Babes.

You're probably thinking, "Hey, what do I do after I've shot three missiles?" The answer is simple: Count the bodies.

Seriously, if you're not wreaking major pwnage (that's not a typo, it's geek-speak for "awesomeness") with your three ordnances, it serves you right to have to scurry around on your hands and knees to collect your troops and reload. Of course, by then, you've probably been annihilated. Remember: aim small, miss small.

USB Cannon Control Software

USB Cannon Busty Babes Software ScreenshotYour USB Cannon comes equipped with a small piece of software that allows you to control the mayhem you will unleash. Fire up the software and begin raining down the fury.

If you're having any trouble with your Cannon, you may need to download the latest version of the software which is available here.

The software is PC only. However, a free Mac download is available, but not supported by the manufacturer.


Software now available for Macs!

For those of you with an Apple, USB firepower is now available! While the software isn't fully supported by the manufacturer, it will do the trick. For more information about Mac support and extending the awesome functionality of these devices on the Windows platform, check out our blog entry.

USB Cannon is not for the faint of heart

USB Cannon from three views

The USB Cannon looks awesome and it fires quickly and with massive authority. That's a big responsibility, Soldier. Don't take it lightly.

Note: The USB Cannon is not designed for children under the age of 12. This warning applies to biological age only. We would consider ourselves to be about 4 years old behaviorally.

USB Cannon: Defend This House

USB Cannon Defends your office with honor.Your USB Cannon will always defend its position with honor!

No need to worry about any geeks trying to take your position with rubber band shooters or wimpy Nerf launchers. Just fire open your USB Cannon software, take aim, and annihilate the intruders...without having to turn away from that story on DEFEND YOUR HOUSE with the USB Cannon!


Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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