Coggy: Shape-shifting serpentine single-piece puzzle.

Coggy Gear Puzzle

Shape-shifting serpentine single-piece puzzle.

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A cog is a bump on a gear that allows it to connect to another gear. Coggy is a brainteaser puzzle made from sixteen attached cogged gears in a line.

Manipulating Coggy is a tactile treat, as each gear clicks into place when you move it, like a ratcheting snake. The goal is to shift the serpentine set of gears into a pattern that matches the challenge card—easier said than done since each circle is permanently attached to its neighbors.

Stretch, twist, and zigzag the chain of cogged circles as you stretch your mental faculties at the same time. Grab Coggy and get your mental gears spinning!

Features & specs

  • One-piece puzzle
  • 40 challenge cards in four difficulty levels
  • Material: plastic puzzle with bound paper challenge cards
  • Recommended age: 6+

Cognitive toy

Coggy is a captive puzzle in a conga line. The sixteen individual gear-like pieces are all attached to one another on at least one side, and it's your job to wrangle them into place. Crumple the line and wrangle the series of wheels to match the pattern on one of the challenge cards. It's a workout for your mind and a vacation for busy hands.

Get your brain in gear.

Plenty of puzzlin'

Coggy's versatile shape means it can be arranged in a myriad of ways; your challenge is to find the one way that will solve the puzzle. With 40 unique challenges to choose from, you’ll need brain breaks in between puzzles to make sure your gears don’t get overworked.

Start with easy challenges to acclimate yourself to the peculiar puzzle. Then work your way through four different difficulty levels to completely conquer Coggy.

40 Challenges in Four Difficulty Levels
Challenge accepted!

Double the fun

Each Coggy has colored stickers on one side while the reverse is decked out in black and white.

Some of the puzzles require solving for a rainbow solution with wildcard pieces, but some of the most difficult challenges require you to perfectly position each piece and master the monochrome game. The double-sided snake gives you that many more puzzles to solve.

Double-sided for an extra challenge!
Flip for more fun.

Traveling thinking toy

Since Coggy is a one-piece puzzle, you can easily grab it to go without the fear or frustration of losing small pieces. Take it with you on road trips or sneak in a game at work. Even the challenge cards are bound together for easy access to mobile mental gymnastics anywhere.

Portable Puzzle!
Put it in your purse or pocket... if you can take your hands off it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do the pieces come apart?

Answer: Coggy is not designed to be taken apart.

Question: Is it magnetic?

Answer: Magnetic stuff is awesome, but Coggy is not magnetic. That doesn't mean Coggy isn't awesome, though; it totally is!

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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