Cool Circuits: Complete the Circuit to Solve the Puzzle
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Cool Circuits Puzzle

Arrange the puzzle pieces to complete the circuit.

Cool Circuits Puzzle
Cool Circuits Puzzle image
Cool Circuits Puzzle image
Cool Circuits Puzzle image
Cool Circuits Puzzle image
Cool Circuits Puzzle image
Cool Circuits Puzzle image
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Cool Circuits is the challenging puzzle that dares you to complete an electrical circuit using eight seemingly simple pieces.

Start by choosing one of forty included paper puzzle cards and laying it on top of the puzzle box. The card illustrates a segment of the correct solution along with a smattering of hints as to how to place your pieces.

Cool Circuits are incredibly difficult to solve because each piece can be flipped as well as rotated in several orientations, and there is only one correct solution to each puzzle.

Portable puzzle box features pull-out tray for challenge card storage. Requires 3 x AAA batteries (which are included).

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 2"
  • Ages 8+
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (included)
  • 40 challenges of increasing difficulty
  • Mercifully, a solutions book is included
  • 2013 Puzzle of the Year (GAMES magazine)

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Cool circuits puts your brain muscle to the test!

The goal of Cool Circuits is straightforward: complete a circuit by correctly placing all eight pieces onto the grid according to the conditions on the puzzle card. Depending on the difficulty of the puzzle card you've selected, you could be in for a very long night.

Woman playing a game of Cool Circuits.
The goal of Cool Circuits is to arrange all eight pieces on the board to form a complete circuit.

Eight pieces, thousands of arrangements, only one solution

Despite having eight pieces you can arrange in a myriad of ways, each puzzle has only one unique solution. So you're probably not going to luck your way into the answer. Instead, you'll need to use your abstract thinking, spatial visualization, and deductive reasoning skills to solve these monsters.

Each Cool Circuits puzzle has only one solution.
There is only one correct arrangement of pieces per puzzle.

Enjoy the light show; it won't happen often!

Should you solve the puzzle and complete the circuit, a short music-accompanied light show will commemorate the occasion. Savor the experience because these puzzles are hard!

When you complete the circuit, the Cool Circuits board lights up.
You'll appreciate the light show if you solve a puzzle.
Success is not easy to come by when playing Cool Circuits.

Four levels of difficulty

Cool Circuits includes a total of 40 puzzles. They are divided into four levels of difficulty: tutorial, beginner, student, and advanced. Don't be fooled into a false sense of security by those names. Even the so-called beginner puzzles are no walk in the park.

Cool Circuits includes 40 challenges of increasing difficulty.
Cool Circuits includes 40 puzzles of increasing difficulty.

Some of these puzzles are diabolical!

Cool Circuits has the potential to drive you insane. Because each piece can be rotated or flipped, there are seemingly endless combinations of arrangements. Combine this with a puzzle card that only provides a sliver of a hint, and you've got yourself a brain knot of Gordian proportions. Translation: good freakin' luck!

Cool Circuits puzzles are maddeningly tricky.
Cool Circuits may very well drive you mad.

Portable puzzling right out of the box

Cool Circuits comes with 40 puzzles (which can be stored inside the puzzle board itself) and eight puzzle pieces. The small puzzle board is perfect for travel or riding in the car.

Contents of the Cool Circuits box.
Cool Circuits includes 8 puzzle pieces, twenty double-sided puzzle cards,
and a puzzle board with built-in card storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do the puzzle pieces form an actual electrical circuit?

Answer: Yes! When all of the pieces are connected together end-to-end, the blue LED light show begins.

Question: Are batteries included?

Answer: Yes. Cool Circuits requires 3 x AAA batteries which are included.

Question: How does the puzzle board "know" that the circuit is complete?

Answer: Magic? We aren't knowledgeable enough about electricity to explain how it works. All we know is that it does work.

Question: Is it really as difficult as you say?

Answer: The advanced puzzles are extremely difficult. When various team members at Vat19 tested this item, we were at first embarrassed to tell each other that we had trouble with the "intermediate" puzzles. These suckers are hard!

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