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Giant Inflatable Animal Heads

Blow-up Tiger, Bear, Shark, and Dinosaur heads.

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Add a healthy dose of mirth to any room with Giant Inflatable Animal Heads.

Each of these large, unique, and blow-up hunting "trophies" will revamp any drab dorm room, basement, man cave, or kid's room.

Simple to mount on virtually any surface via its grommeted hanging tab, Giant Inflatable Animal Heads are available in four styles: Bear, Dinosaur, Shark, and Tiger.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (Bear): 20" x 13" x 16"
  • Dimensions (Dino): 24" x 13" x 26"
  • Dimensions (Shark): 24" x 12" x 14"
  • Dimensions (Tiger): 24" x 12" x 17"
  • Mounts easily via hanging grommet
  • Includes small patch repair kit

Watch our Inflatable Animal Heads video

This is how you tie the room together!

Got a room lacking sufficient awesomeness? Buy a few Giant Inflatable Animal Heads and the problem is solved. These hilarious "trophies" are easily mounted on the wall and instantly amplify a room's merriment.

Giant Inflatable Tiger, Bear, Shark, and Dino in an apartment.
Want to get people talking? Mount up an inflatable Tiger head and
you'll regret not supergluing it to the wall.

Cheesy? You bet your hunting spears they are!

Cheese can be good. Especially on crackers. And when it comes to decor, a pinch of cheese will perform miracles upon drab surroundings. Traipse around enough dorms, apartments, and game rooms, and you'll start to think you've entered a Groundhog Day-esque time loop. You'll see the same "hip" posters, prints, and accessories everywhere.

Instead, shake things up with a carefully placed Giant Inflatable Animal Head. It'll put a smile on the face of all who enter.

Decorate game rooms and kid rooms with Giant Inflatable Animal Heads.
Pitch-perfect Giant Inflatable Animal Heads add the ideal amount of fun to any room.

Simple to mount your "kill"

Displaying your prized catch is easy. Once inflated, use the hanging tab to showcase the fruits of your hunt.

It's easy to mount the Giant Inflatable Animal Heads.
Exhibiting your inflatable trophy is easy via its grommeted hanging tab.

Choose from four animals

Our Giant Inflatable Animal Heads are currently available in four styles: Tiger, Bear, Dinosaur, and Shark.

Choose from a wide variety of jumbo inflatable animal heads.
Perfect for game rooms, the Giant Inflatable Animal Head is available in Tiger, Bear, Dinosaur, and Shark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: This seems like something a redneck would have in their trailer.

Answer: Isn't that the definition of hipster cool? In all seriousness, we don't recommend placing a Giant Inflatable Animal Head in your dining room. Rather, mount one of these bad dogs in a kid's room, basement, or man cave, and you'll be glad that you had the guts to recognize a charmingly awesome piece of decor when you saw it.

Question: Are they heavy?

Answer: Nope! They're filled with air and only weigh about 1 pound (0.45 kg).

Question: What happens if I attack it with a knife?

Answer: It will pop and you'll have destroyed your awesome trophy.

Question: Why didn't you guys include a bunch of links to other products on this page?

Answer: We try not to force links into every page. Sometimes, hyperlinking every pseudo-related noun can appear messy to the reader — it sort of gums up the flow. Oftentimes, it may not even make sense why one particular word or longer phrase is linked. So, yeah, that's why.

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