The Cricket Prank

Sneak Peek!

Covert cricket noisemaker will drive your loved ones crazy!

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Whether you want someone to seek out your words of affection or just want to get on somebody's nerves, hiding a Cricket Prank noise card is a great way to send them on a frustrating scavenger hunt.

This postcard not only makes an intermittent cricket chirp that will drive a frenemy mad, but also gives you space to write your “gotcha!” message!

Use the reverse side's adhesive strip to hide the Cricket Prank in an inconspicuous hiding spot and watch your friend drive themselves up (and possibly potentially punch) the wall in frustration trying to find it.

Even after they've located the source of the chirp, they won't be able to turn it off until the battery runs out… if they try to prematurely silence the irritating insect sound, they'll be glitter bombed!

Features & specs

  • An easily hideable disposable speaker that plays cricket noises to annoy your favorite people
  • The cricket won't stop chirping until the battery dies (8+ hours)
  • Destroying the card unleashes a glitter bomb
  • Safe mode for quiet signing & delivery
  • Comes in a protective plastic sleeve with paper pouch
  • The front side includes: To, From, and Message areas along with button press area
  • The reverse side includes a self-adhesive patch for sneaky hiding

What's this "Sneak Peek" all about?

A typical Vat19 product page contains far more information (photos, text, and possibly a video or two) than what is currently available for this product.

But don't worry, this page will get the full Vat19 treatment in short order!

Until then, however, we felt compelled to make this curiously awesome product available to you intrepid shoppers who can't wait to get your hands on our latest and greatest finds!

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